Santa Barbara Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga





Passionate about yoga and the transformational power of motherhood, Kelly Heath specializes in working with prenatal and postnatal mamas. She is a mom herself and has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years, teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga classes and prenatal trainings in Santa Barbara. Kelly is a certified pre-natal yoga instructor and maintained her strong practice while pregnant with both of her children. Her daily practice today continues to provide the foundation from which to flow and tend to the chaos of raising her two boys and all that comes along with it.

Fridays at YogaSoup

10:45-12:00pm - Mom & Baby (Pre-Crawling) -  Welcome to life with your beautiful new baby. Are you ready to kick start your post-pregnancy power yoga practice!?  This is a vinyasa yoga class, safely modified for mamas who are resuming their practice after pregnancy and delivery. You'll be able to return to the physicality of your practice while making appropriate changes to the poses and flow for where you are right now. It is time to "Jump Back In” and take the time for your own self-care, so you can truly be able to effectively and lovingly care for others. For mamas and their pre-crawling children.


12:30pm-1:45 - PreNatal Yoga - Soothe the aches of pregnancy and motherhood. Prepare for an empowered, mindful birth, connect with a community of other moms (to-be). Develop breath and body awareness for birthing. Build strength, stamina and stability. 


Your yoga practice can be a key way to find balance amidst the physical and emotional changes experienced during pregnancy. This is a time to listen to your body, to set yourself up for the healthiest pregnancy, birth and smooth recovery. Flow through safe and supportive movements that honor where you are in your pregnancy. Cultivate a softer practice of flexibility mixed with stability and strength. Expect to work up a sweat with safe pre-natal sequences for those who want more invigorating yoga such as arm balances and inversions, and modifications for those who do not. Build heat to give you that coveted mommy-to-be glow. Information will be provided about core work, twists, inversions and more.

A great addition to birthing classes, these classes will help you be as prepared as possible both mentally and physically for the birthing experience. Alleviate discomfort, connect to your baby and savor the moments of your pregnancy.