Thank you for the birthday wishes! I can feel your love. As I reflect on turning another year older and the passage of time, more than ever I am grateful for every mark of time on my body, spirit and mind from all of my experiences-the joyful ones and the painful ones, my mistakes and my get-it-right moments, my short comings and my gifts, my marriage and motherhood in particular and all that they have taught me, and along the way planted a few (well, let’s be honest, more than a few) gray hairs on my head and wrinkles (just smile lines though right?). Gratitude for all who see beyond the mask, for heart-connections, all of my teachers (whether they know it or not), all of my dear friends and family and for another trip around the sun. #39 ‪#‎grayhair ‪#‎smilelinesarecool ‪#‎lovemyselfmoretodaythaneverbefore ‪#‎grateful