Slow Down

Slow Down.

When I drew the enchantment card last night, it took me a minute for it to resonate with me that the deepest message it was sending me was to SLOW DOWN.

I almost laughed out loud because I’ve been running around squeezing in extra carpools, extra games, extra classes, extra appointments, extra end of school year items. Lots and lots of extras. Which in turn has left me feeling overscheduled, overbusy, overtired.

I have been feeling it, but haven’t been willing to listen to my own feeling. When we don’t listen to our inner guidance system, then we often pay a more expensive price than being honest with ourselves. The way we don’t listen to ourselves begins to cost more physically, mentally, emotionally. Saying things we wish we wouldn’t have said to another. Doing things we wish we wouldn’t have done. The price can be quite high.

Many years ago, during a period of time where I had received a few speeding tickets close together, I wrote the same message – SLOW DOWN – on a sticky note and stuck it on my dash board. To literally help me remember to reduce the speed of my car.

Last night, just before I drew this card, the boys and I squeezed in an after school activity, a playdate, a quick vet stop, a swim lesson and a new recipe of a homemade, chopped vegetable dinner before my husband and I did a swith-a-roo so that I could facilitate my second evening program. I feel exhausted just writing that sentence. And, last night, the universe was sending me the same kind of message to reduce the speed at which I move through my own life.

We wear Busyness like a badge of honor. How are you-“Busy”. How are you-“Busy”. It’s a cultural epidemic out there. Why is it that we see slowing down as failing? Like waving the white flag. Why aren’t we interested in actually taking in the very scenery of our own lives? The way we can try to do everything….one of my friends, Eddie Ellner, once said, “You can’t do everything, nor would you want to.”

I had the pleasure of taking a super slow vinyasa class this morning. Where I could just sit. Breath. Feel gravity. Feel my jaw soften. My adrenals come down. My over busyness moved right into sleepiness where my body was clearly communicating with me being tired. I felt so grateful that I chose to SLOW DOWN. After class, I sat and connected with a friend, and laughed. Simple. This to me, is why I practice. To remember that which I forget. To listen to the messages of my body. That doing too much, too fast, can often backfire and create more work, in the clean up. That rushing through is a way to feeling disconnected. Misaligned.

Slowing down is a way to feel more vitality. More joy. More alignment. In spite of all its madness, difficulty, pain and suffering, the world still is an amazing place – life is amazing, the sky is amazing, the earth, the universe, the great cycles of life and death and rebirth and each of us are amazing. If we cannot fall into the trap of busyness, then we can see the magic is actually everywhere.

To see and feel the love and beauty that surround us. To stop and smell the roses, gaze at the stars and feel the breeze caress our face. To feel the glow of the sun and the earth beneath our feet. To go deep into our children’s eyes. To taste the honey in our tea. To think of someone and connect with them spiritually to send our love and light and blessings. To hear the sounds of the birds. To observe nature and her changings seasons, spring leaves, a misty sunrise, dewdrops in the morning, the waves of the ocean, luscious blades of grass, a rainbow, a smile a kind gesture, sincerity and love. These are the gifts of slowing down.