On a day where we presume to practice gratitude, we may or may not be feeling all that grateful. There have been, and there are, many difficult moments of loss, suffering and pain amidst the many blessings, joy and happiness. Sometimes it feels like gratitude is something we feel when we’re happy. When all of our contingencies are met. If this [insert thing/circumstance] happens, then I will be grateful. Then I will be happy.

Maybe it’s less about forcing a gratitude practice. Which is possible to do. Pretending to be grateful when we don’t feel grateful.

So just a reminder for us all today that it’s less about confusing it with being happy. Less about certain circumstances being met. And more about giving ourselves space to feel our own aliveness. Our own breath. Our own heartbeat. The miracle of our own system working together as it does in one integrated whole.

Possibly that’s enough for a feeling-that might feel like gratitude-to rise up. From the depths of our being. Regardless of the circumstances around us. And I acknowledge this is sometimes easier and sometimes harder.

And from there, if we want to extrapolate to more authentic expressions of what we are grateful for....and then perhaps gratitude for another person, a gift received, and opportunity, a connection. Another day with our family. Another cup of tea. Another day to be alive.

When the authentic feeling of gratitude rises up, we allow it to seep into our skin, absorb into our flesh, penetrate into our bone marrow. Letting the feeling of gratitude mix with our Prana and flow through our blood stream. Letting it be the nourishment that we need.

For me, I’ve noticed it is the antidote to being critical, feeling alone, feeling a lack. The antidote to wanting more or wanting something better.

So, if you’re willing today, allow yourself time to sit still and authentically reflect. And like the spray of a mist bottle, let the feeling of gratitude settle. Allow it to spread through you. You belly. Your back. Your neck. Your skin. In this way, our heart full of gratitude isn’t just in our chest, it’s everywhere. Every fiber. Every synapse. Every cell.

Today, feast on the goodness inside.feast on the bliss that fills the body.