Love Your Feet?

How do you feel about your feet? Love them? Or…Too ugly, too big, too tight, too misshapen? It seems most people are of the “out of sight, out of mind” theory. Interestingly, it is really only by strengthening, stretching, balancing and loving our feet that our body can align from the ground up. For the feet set the stage for the hips, low back, neck, and skull.

At the beginning of anything, a yoga practice, a new day, a new job, re-engaging after covid, etc., we begin at the beginning. The beginning is associated with the ground, the earth, our feet. And, then, flows into water up our legs, into our pelvis. And, on up the body, mind and spirit.

Activating our feet in as many creative ways as possible is key: sit back on tucked toes, round forward over pointed toes, press out against a yoga strap, squeeze a block, lift and spread the webbing of your toes like a frog or get toek-spreaders, lift the arches and invert the legs and feet into the air. When your feet are vital, you have more energy, endurance and balance.

Whether your feet have been stuffed in shoes, or you’ve been running/cycling/hiking, or you’ve just lost the suppleness in your feet because you haven’t given them attention, the varied postures in yoga- standing, kneeling and seated-help make our feet both flexible and resilient. And, then, all the way up the body we experience a more steady architecture and energetic ease.

So, maybe it’s time to kick your shoes and socks off? Put your fingers between your toes and roll around your ankle? Or stand on a tennis ball for a few breaths on each foot? Or come on over and I’ll help guide you on a little TLC for your feet.

Sending love to you and your feet,