Om Namah Shivaya

                                                     200 Hr  

                                                     5 ELEMENTS

                                                    BHAKTI VINYASA YOGA

                                                    TEACHER TRAINING

                                                  September-December, 2019

                                                  with kelly heath






This is a deep dive into the Pancha Mahabhutas, Bhakti and Vinyasa Yoga. Resting on a Tantric and Ayurvedic foundation, this training is my most heartfelt synthesis of yoga from my 20 years of dedication as a sincere student, Tantric practitioner, and vinyasa yoga teacher. It is designed to guide experienced yoga students on their path of discovering, deepening, and sustaining yoga as a living, powerful practice for every moment of their lives… And, I welcome you.

We will anchor in a deep understanding of the body and biomechanics – yet it goes far beyond teaching skills and poses alone. We will weave together the many practices of ethics, asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation and chanting… along with Tantra, personal work, ritual, and a deep reverence for nature. 

Whether as teachers, aspiring teachers, or committed lifelong students of yoga, trainees will have the chance to inquire deeply into the nature of their own yogic journey—Svadyaya (self study)—and how this unique path fits into and draws from the wider yogic lineage. To steady in a strong foundation, and to cultivate Adikara, to become both spiritual and technically competent teachers.


This 200 Hour Yoga Alliance training will be spread over 9 weekends:

Sept 6, 7, 8

Sep 20, 21, 22

Sept 27, 28, 29

Oct 11, 12, 13

Oct 25, 26, 27

Nov 8, 9, 10

Nov 22, 23, 24

Dec 6, 7, 8

Dec. 13, 14, 15



We will meet on these weekends at the Carrillo Rec Center in downtown Santa Barbara as follows:

Fridays 6-9 pm 

Saturdays​ 12-9pm

Sundays 9-10:30am Kellys class [at the Core Power Yoga La Cumbre studio] & 12-6pm


These 7 weekends will be immersive and deeply transformational experiences. Each weekend focuses in on a different module of training. This outline serves as the basis for the curriculum – and we will dive deep into each of these gateways during the the 7 modules of this program:





5) AIR









What makes this Bhakti Vinyasa training unique is the emphasis on Ayurveda, Bhakti, peak pose sequencing and through the many practices of Tantric Yoga including how we interact with ourselves and the world around us, meditation, pranayama, asana, myths, mantra, mudra, and more. Plus, this impeccable and very experienced faculty. This training is designed to guide experienced yoga students on their path of discovering, deepening, and sustaining yoga as a living, powerful practice for every moment of their lives. Whether as teachers, aspiring teachers, or committed lifelong students of yoga, trainees will have the chance to inquire deeply into the nature of their own yogic journey—their Svadyaya (self study)—and how this unique path fits into and draws from the wider yogic lineage.


What this practice is rooted in. Pancha Maha Bhutas-5 Great Elements. Classical Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Ayurveda. Sankalpa-intention. Spanda-expansion and contraction. Sadhana-spiritual practice. Dharshana-philosophy. Asana-poses that bring the intention alive in the body. Pranayama-breath practices. Mantra-sacred sound, murti, music and mythology. Mudra-energy seals. Dyana-meditation. Upaya- refining our teaching skills to all levels of practitioners, of physical and energetic biomechanics, of postural alignment, how to hold space, for verbal/non-verbal/hands-on assisting, how to peak sequence, how to create ritual and sacred space.


Your own personal practice will deepen, renew and/or begin again. Revel in these life giving practices that reduces stress, optimize your gifts and bring the jewels of life in mysterious and profound ways.











Kelly Heath

With more than 20 years of dedicated teaching and studentship, Kelly has created this program synthesizing from the many years and practices she's learned from and built this 200 Hr Yoga Alliance approved teacher training. Lead trainer.

Kellys Background









Shakti Redding

R.R. Shakti, PhD ​is a Contemplative Mythologist and Yoga Psychologist who holds a doctoral degree for her work in Mythology and Depth Psychology. Shakti is an international yoga teacher, ritual facilitator, speaker, and writer who presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. Through contemplative story-telling and mind/body practices, she offers a vision of deep peace and radical freedom.

Kendall Hassemer

Dr. Kendall Hassemer, ND is joyfully committed to making health and yoga accessible to most everyone. She inspires her clients and students to regain trust and listen to their bodies in order to live their best life. Her unique capability to reveal the “rocket science of wellbeing” in a language that is both easy to understand makes it successfully applicable in daily routines. Her contagious laughter and zest for life reminds her students to take this practice of life seriously, but not too seriously.

​She is fueled by a gap in our current healthcare industry, and while it is wonderful (+necessary!) that medicine, urgent and emergency care exist, it is also necessary to return to the roots of what it means to be a human being. Dr. Kendall can help you to build health into your daily life, increasing energy, improving sleep and mood.

Dr. Kendall completed her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in 2009. She has continued her education in order to specialize in her main areas of focus: clinical nutrition, holistic anatomy+physiology and foundational daily health practices. She has studied yoga with many master yoga teachers, including Tias and Surya Little, Todd Jackson, Lisa Black, Uma Kleppinger, Casey Palmer, Doug Keller and Baron Baptiste, which has allowed her to create her own integrative style and mindful approach to the healing ways of yoga and self-care.

Kendall is a Wisconsin (California) girl at heart, and after years of living in Portland, Oregon, the sunnier skies and salty surf of Southern California beckoned her for a fresh, vibrant start to life. Her home base (and playground) is located in the gorgeous greater Santa Barbara area. She leads wellbeing, yoga and mindset programs and courses, and travels around the globe to teach workshops, holistic anatomy+physiology trainings and rewild foundational health retreats.


Corinna Maharashi

Corinna Maharani is an Ayurvedic practitioner and educator with 25 years of experience in practicing and teaching Ayurvedic Sacred Bodywork™, Marma Therapy and Pancha Karma.  Her legal name, “Maharani,” means Great Queen, chosen because she wanted to reflect her devotion to the power and blessings of the Divine Feminine as well as honoring the principles of treating others with noble respect.

Corinna graduated from one of the first Ayurveda programs held at the Maharishi International University in Iowa in 1989. There she also met her lifelong teacher Vaidya R.K. Mishra, who is considered to be one of the most brilliant minds in Ayurveda history. 

Corinna founded Maharani Ayurveda in 1994 and has operated her own Pancha Karma clinic in Santa Barbara since 2000. She was the director of the Pancha Karma educational program at the Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga School in Wisconsin for fifteen years and has taught hundreds of students the art of Pancha Karma healing, many of whom now have successful practices around the globe. She is also a frequent public speaker and published writer on the topic of Ayurveda. 

Corinna’s primary goal is to deepen the understanding of this holistic science and to help lay people and professionals alike to apply these ancient principles toward health and healing. She created the Maharani Academy to offer in-depth certified training to those who feel called to spread the light of Ayurveda into the world.



Grace Clayton

Grace Clayton has twenty years experience coaching, teaching, and facilitating conscious leadership in the organizational world and beyond. She is a 1-1 coach, Forum facilitator, and consultant to leaders, teams, and organizations.

Known for directness and strength balanced by deep compassion, Grace builds trust quickly with her clients, and they count on her to skillfully and efficiently get the to the heart of the matter. She brings joy, fun, and play to every engagement, which greatly accelerates achieving key goals and objectives.

Leaders rely on her laser-focused interpersonal acumen to uncover insights and perspectives that result in more freedom and impact. Under her facilitation, groups achieve a new level of transparency, connection, authentic communication, and trust.

Grace’s education has been lifelong and self-directed, including The Hendricks Institute Leadership Program and  in-depth studies in yoga, meditation, and consciousness with master teachers around the world.

Her relationship with her husband is a cornerstone of her life, and she supports her clients to build similarly loving, conscious, connected, and dynamically raw and real relationships. Grace is an avid gardener; she keeps her blended family and many of their neighbors  in produce for half the year.









Eddie Ellner

Eddie’s classes reflect everything he’s learned and forgotten.

His Yoga Soup classes combine classic hatha yoga, non-duality flavored dharma, current events, resistance stretching, and the occasional non-ordinary state of consciousness. They are active classes that you can take at your own pace. The invitation is to honor and nurture the opening that surfaces, not to keep pace with the herd. If you need to stop at any point in the class to consider what it means to no longer clench your jaw or hold a grudge in your heart or not be measured by how much you weigh then you must STOP. The point is to illuminate the root cause of suffering and discover the proper tools to meet and resolve it. YogaSoup founder and owner.











Mark Hersey​

Mark learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) while at high school in Dorset, England. While at school, a large number of his fellow students also learned TM; up to a quarter of the school at one point. This early exposure to Vedic knowledge provided the inspiration to be regular in the practice and to study Maharishi’s commentary on the Bhagavad Gita.


​While at Cambridge University, studying Natural Science, and for a few years after, Mark took the TM-Sidhi program and trained as a TM Teacher Training. Mark completed TM Teacher training in Switzerland during the spring of 1980, and was made a TM Teacher by Maharishi in July 1980 at Seelisberg.


At the end of 1980, Mark joined the newly formed European Purusha group that Maharishi was initially based in Boppard, Germany.  During 1981 the UK members of Purusha moved to Mentmore Towers to continue the Purusha program while also running the UK TM academy. Mark remained as part of the Purusha group until 1988, teaching TM across southern England. During this time Mark was also appointed Dean of Chemistry and Computer Science at Maharishi University of Natural Law with the task to demonstrate how the streams of knowledge of natural law from modern science reach fulfillment when they are united with experience of the unified field in the simplest form of awareness. Also, at Maharishi’s prompting, during this period he obtained a Master’s Degree in History and Philosophy of Science at King’s College London.

During 1990 Mark was a member of the Armenia project, providing stress relief through the TM technique to the people of Armenia in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake. During this time Mark taught many hundreds of people to meditate in Yerevan and Vanadzor (then called Kirovakan).

From 1988 through to the present day, Mark has also held a variety of professional employment positions in computer programing, software development management, project leadership and most recently as a technology consultant - working in several countries. Mark married in 1997 and in 2001 he and his American wife relocated to take up permanent residence in America.  Since then they have lived in Concord and Carlisle Massachusetts and since 2012 in Santa Barbara, California where Mark is now the active certified TM teacher.






$2508 if paid in full by August 1

$2708 if paid in full by September 6

8 payments of $389 (paid every two weeks and complete by December 6)


Deposit $500 (non refundable)


Please contact Kelly directly to request an e-application at Once complete, send a check for $500 to Kelly Heath 3732 Dixon St, Santa Barbara CA 93105


Contact Kelly directly to register 970-445-7825 or


**A $500 Non-Refundable deposit is due at the time of booking - Remaining Balance due 1 month prior to training. If reservation is cancelled 1 month prior to training start date, your deposit can be used towards a future training within one year of cancellation date. If cancelled 30 days prior to training start date, no refund or credit of any amount will be given.




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I learned from you as an historian (5,000 years!), a linguist (can one evolve from kapha to pitta?), a nutritionist, a knower of so many body parts and their functions, a comic (!), a facialist (morning oil, yes please), a support group facilitator, a storyteller, a relatable parent/spouse/caregiver, a social media realist ("here's a great app that could benefit your kid; but don't spend your whole day on the screen!"), a chanter who could star in A Star is Born (even though it isn't about making music!) ... But then I also love how, so often in your written and verbal teachings, you refer to all the people you have learned from. It made the whole experience so much bigger than what happened at the Carrillo Rec Center, or in front of my laptop or my altar in the living room.

-Jill Fonte

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