Living the 5 Elements

an Ojai Retreat

has been postponed

with kelly heath
Twin Creek Ranch

The Five Elements (Pancha Maha Bhutas) offer us insight into our whole being. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether will guide us on a journey of rooting into steadyness, connecting into creativity and connection, lighting and stoking our inner light, feeling our deepest heart's intention and opening into the finite and infinite spaciousness within and without. 


Learn how to weave yoga into your daily rhythms with an Ayurvedic introduction, a 5 Elements weekend immersion, yogic morning practice (dinacharya), balancing Ayurvedic meals and twice a day practice-one sweaty morning, and one more chill afternoon. 

Retreat Includes:

3 nights luxury private and shared accommodations  //

2 Yoga Classes Daily (All Levels Vinyasa and Restorative)  //

Pranayama (breathing practices)  //  

Yogic Storytelling, Mythology & Mantra  // 

Mudras to activate the 5 Elements in our being // 

Daily Guided Meditations //  

Puja Fire Ceremony  //  

3 Organic Gourmet, Ayurvedic, Meals Daily  //  

Ayurvedic and Wellness Discussions //  

Plenty of downtime to relax, explore Ojai, or sit by the pool! //  

In Ayurvedic philosophy (springing forth from the same roots as yoga) are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. In this 3-day retreat immerse in 5 elements philosophy and practices to bring balance and wholeness through meditation, pranayama, philosophy, mudra, mantra, and asana. Located at the beautiful Twin Creek Ranch just a few minutes outside of Santa Barbara in Ojai. Practice with Kelly twice a day: morning and afternoon. Included in the weekend program is also a special fire puja (releasing and cleansing ritual). In between, relax with a book by the pool, go for a hike on one of the nearby trails, soak in the hottub, or relax and restore with a nap.


Private King Bed $ 2008 (2 spots left)

Private Queen Bed $1808 (1 spot left)

Communal Twin  $1308 (5 spots left)


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