Virtual 5 Weeks, 5 Elements 2020

Daily Yoga Daily Meditation Ayurvedic Diet Reading & Contemplation

Just as it is essential to find the ground beneath us in a yoga asana (physical) practice, it is important to find what grounds us in our body and life. This is true for each of the Pancha Maha (Five Great) Elements.


Begin 2020 with a 5 week journey through the rhythms of yoga practice where each week is devoted to one of the 5 Great Elements. Ground down like Earth. Flow like Water. Digest and transform like Fire. Connect to what matters most in your hearts deepest call. Feel Spacious.


Weekly zooms Mondays 7:30-9pm,

recorded home yoga practices and meditations and/or join Kelly during her regularly scheduled classes (additional).

EARTH: Monday 01/04

WATER: Monday 01/11

FIRE: Monday 01/18

AIR: Monday 01/25

ETHER: Monday 02/01


* Access to online videos to support your home yoga practice

* Access to guided meditations 

* Support in how Ayurveda creates balance moment-to-moment with our diet, relationships and other internal/external choices

* Optional readings and journaling to help you explore and observe these simple/potent metaphors on and off your mat

* Storytelling, murti and mantra

* Understand how the micro is the macro as a way of creating wholeness, equanimity and balance


 DATES: 01/04-02/07

RATES: $208 by Dec. 28

$258 after,

scholarships also available



contact Kelly directly at or 970-445-7825


Gods & Goddess Relax & Renew Retreat

February 20-23, 2019
with kelly heath
Sagrada Wellness Retreat 

Join Kelly for the Gods and Goddess Relax and Renew Retreat. Over this weekend, we will practice asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra and meditation as we connect in with some of the most beloved myths in yoga. Ganesha, Lakshmi, Durga, Hanuman and Shiva.


Located at the beautiful Sagrada Wellness Retreat Center just a few hours outside of Santa Barbara. Practice with Kelly twice a day: morning and afternoon. Late morning, we will gather to dive into the stories of the Gods and Goddesses through breath (pranayama), meditation (dhyana) and chanting (mantra) practices. Included in the weekend program is also a special fire puja (releasing and cleansing ritual). In between, relax with a book by the pond, go for a hike on one of the nearby trails, soak in the hottub, or relax and restore with a nap or optional massage or acupuncture.  


Enjoy organic, vegetarian and mainly gluten free meals procured from the nearby farmers market and health food stores to supplement the fresh produce form the Sagrada organic garden. The, delicious, rustic yet gourmet, cuisine is served family style and prepared fresh each day with great attention to flavor and quality.


  • Communal Room – 6 Full Beds in one private space –  $898 per person 

  • Loft – 2 Twin beds in one semi-private space – $898 per person 

  • 2 Private Rooms Main House – Queen Bed 

    • $998 per person Shared Accommodation

    • $1998 Private Accommodation

  • 2 Private Rooms Yoga Barn – Queen Bed 

    • $998 per person Shared Accommodation

    • $1998 Private Accommodation

  • 1 Private Room Yoga ​Yoga Barn - California King

    • $1098​ per person Shared Accommodation

    • $2198 Private Accommodation

  • 2 Private Rooms Cottage – Queen Bed 

    • $998 per person Shared Accommodation

    • $1998 Private Accommodation

  • 1 Private Room Cottage - California King

    • $1098​ per person Shared Accommodation

    • $2198 Private Accommodation

Not included:

-Travel to/from retreat



To register contact 
Kelly at 970-445-7825 or


Online: Live Your Soul Purpose

Beginning January 6, 2020
with kelly heath

Kick of 2020 with 5 Weeks of:

Daily Yoga,  Daily Meditation, Spiritual Reading, Mantra & Mudra, Yogic Breathing.


with 40 Days to Live Your Soul Purpose

We will kick off 2020 with a traditional 5 weeks intentional practice (40 day Sadhana) attuning to and harmonizing with our inner GPS system-our soul. Using weekly teleconferences and an online system of postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), chanting and mythology (mantra and deity), hand seals (mudra) and meditation (dyana) we'll discover the deepest call of the soul, really go for what it is to create that in the day to day, open our palms and attempt not to cling on to the results of our actions and make it all an offering. 


Week 1 will be rooted in our foundation and what it is to listen to our hearts deepest calling and to give ourselves time and space to really listen. Week 2 will be dedicated to building self trust and holding clear boundaries with ourselves and others. Week 3 is to cultivate strength behind our inner knowing, and then the courage to act and follow through in our lives. Week 4 is a surrender where we get to practice releasing the fruits of our action and practice non attachment with open palms. Week 5 we practice offering it all up because ultimately everything is an offering.


Begin 2020 diving into a practice of being true to yourself and aligning with the deepest call of your soul. Conquer fear and insecurity. And plant and nourish seeds that are so indestructible, even fire cannot burn.

Investment: $108

Book required: Bhagavad Gita.

Contact Kelly directly to register 970-445-7825 or


Q: How long will the yoga take each day?

A: There will be approximately 30 minutes of asana each day. The mantra, mudra, pranayama will take another 30 minutes each day.

Q: I don't usually practice at home. Where would I do that?

A: Some people find that moving the coffee table a few inches provides enough room for the space of a yoga mat. Others may prefer to have an alter under their bathroom sink and "do" their yoga in there after a steamy shower. And others might simply like to find whatever surface their hands and feet make their way to. 

Q: What if I can't make the weekly kick off teleconferences?

A: Not to worry. This is intended to be an online program, done at your own pace and rhythm. So, the teleconferences will be recorded and posted in the online center with the rest of the resources for this program.

Yoga In the Classroom

Today’s children are more anxious and stressed at school than ever before. It is critical that we teach children how to deal with anxiety, negative thinking and stress. A veteran yoga teacher, mom of 2 boys and kids yoga teacher for 10 years Kelly Heath will teach teachers, parents and anyone who works with children how to bring alive stories through yoga, share breathing techniques, incorporate guided visualizations, and teach postures that do not take more than a few minutes each day.












Yamas and Niyamas

A workshop - taught as part of the CorePower Yoga teacher training or in other single module ways -on ways in which we stay alive in the world without being enslaved to our likes and dislikes.

•Ahimsa – non-harming•Satya – truthfulness, honesty, becoming trustworthy with self and others•Asteya – non-stealing, not taking more than is given•Bramacharya – walking in the way of Brahma, walking with God •Aparigraha - non-grasping; non-clinging; softening the grip


Plus, feeling into the observances or seeds we plant inside of the interior garden within ourselves that as we practice we grow this unshakable foundation “No longer being disturbed by the play of opposites”—Patañjali. •Saucha – purity as a cleansing process, gathering scattered pieces up•Santosha – contentment, the paradox of non seeking•Tapas – self discipline, staying power•Svadhyaya – self study, the power of the witness•Ishvara Pranidana – surrender, releasing, engaging, surrender, devotion




The Maha Bhutas  |  5 Elements

In Ayurvedic philosophy (springing forth from the same roots as yoga) are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. In this 2 day workshop immerse in 5 elements philosophy and practices to bring balance and wholeness through meditation, pranayama, philosophy, mudra, mantra, and asana:

The Earth Element (Prithvi) expresses itself through our connection with our planet, building a firm base of support, to feel grounded and secure, to rest in stability, to concentrate, 1st/Root Chakra.

The Water Element (Apas) expresses itself as the water that flows through our veins, the circulatory system, as we ourselves are mostly water (70%). Water is both flowing action-change and the profound calm and divine consciousness that rests in the stillness below the surface. 2nd/Sacral Chakra, the area where new life is generated. 

The Fire Element (Agni) expresses itself as the light, heat, warmth (tapas) that can be generated through friction/change, and the "will" to go on even when we want to quit. It is the source of light which creates and destroys, symbolizing our soul. 3rd/Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Air Element (Vayu) expresses itself in both the inhale and exhale of the breath, and in creating shifts/changes by carrying life-giving prana throughout the body and the universe. Breath control (pranayama) techniques can be used to strengthen your willpower and steady your mind, 4th/Heart Chakra. 

The Ether Element (Akasha) expresses itself as boundless space. Ethereal, light, airy and spiritual, all elements come from ether. It’s a difficult concept to grasp because it’s an impossible substance to grasp. We begin to feel. To listen. To pause. To explore the spaces in and around our breath and our movements, our hours and our days, our thoughts and our bodies. Consciousness. 5th/Throat Chakra.

When: Sat., Sept. 10 and Sun., Sept. 11; 1-5pm both days

Investment: $208


12 weeks, 5 Elements, Daily Yoga & Meditation, Ayurveda, Contemplation

We will embark on a 12 week journey in the rythyms of yoga practice,  based on the Five Great Elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether through daily yoga and meditation, Ayurveda, journaling, partner work, spiritual reading and reflection. These practices will strengthen your yoga foundation and help you embody the soul of yoga in your life on and off the mat.
* Weekly lecture/group meeting Tuesdays 7:30-9pm diving into the foundation of this practice: the Five Elements, Ayurveda, the Yamas and Niyamas (ethics of yoga), the importance of ritual, pranayamas, chakras, spiritual readings, and more. 
* A weekly guided in-studio yoga practice specifically designed to support the weeks emphasis Friday's 6-7:30am
* Access to online videos to support your home practice
* Guidance in cultivating a daily meditation practice
* Guidance in Ayurveda on how to create balance day-to-day and moment-to-moment with our diet, relationships and other internal/external environmental choices. 
* Short kitcharee cleanse.
* Reading and journaling exercises to help you explore and observe these lessons in your daily life and on your mat.
* Manual provided.

Investment: $150/mo or  $400 up front
previous Svadhyaya participants $125/mo or $350 up front


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