Kelly has been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 1999 when she found yoga as an athlete. With the physical practice as an initial anchor, and one that she loves still today, she has felt nourished and influenced by the many other meditative aspects of the practice over the years.


An avid lover of nature, Kelly loves hiking, being outdoors and ongoing studies of Ayurveda and the Pancha Maha Bhutas (5 Great Elements), yoga philosophy and Hatha Yoga. She is equally as inspired to offer back the many different yoga practices that help to create grounding, fluidity and movement, heat and sweat, focused intention, and a connection to something beyond all of this. You can find her teaching vinyasa yoga class during the week, holding a 5 elements-inspired workshop or retreat, leading her own 200 Hr teacher trainings, or tending to her family which includes 2 boys (Owen-age 12 and Henry-age 8). She is a former studio owner, Lululemon ambassador, and Yoga Journal conference presenter.  Kelly's teachings empower you strengthen and deepen your practice – on and off the mat.


To contact me, email kelly@mountainlotus.com.


L O V E   L E T T E R S

"I've had the great fortune of finding my way to Kelly's five elements offerings many times in the last five years. Each return has come at a challenging, life changing moment. And each time,

this practice and guidance from Kelly has supported me in my healing and transformation process. Kellys deep passion for her own practice is inspiring as a student and teacher. Her knowledge and experience provide rich soil for contemplation throughout the program. The most helpful parts of the program, for me, are the take home tools to work with between group sessions. Having access to online classes taught by Kelly, specific for this program, makes daily sadhana accessible. I also appreciate the group classes to be in community, accountable and consistent. The most challenging part of the program, personally, even with these tools, is carving out the space and time in my day, everyday, to practice. I highly recommend Kelly’s five

element workshops to everyone. It will enrich your personal practice, expand your yogic education, remind you of your connection to everything though the elements, help create new

habits for daily sadhana and ritual, and profoundly support your process, whatever it is you are going through. It is designed to meet you just where you are, so it's perfect for everyone. I'm

eternally grateful for Kelly and her classes." - Kristin Davies

"Kelly Heath illuminated the different layers of my being and helped empower me to find moment-to-moment balance. Silence, stillness, and deep breathing are now a vital part of my everyday life. I thank Kelly for this." - Kelli Sullivan

"I am so thrilled and honored to be apart of the programs you teach. To be a part of your knowledge, stories, practice, energy, beauty and grace. The way you flow through life with humor and discipline is refreshing.  You have been very inspiring indeed.  I will hope to continue to learn from your teachings. I pick up my notebook often, listen to my inner self and follow the morning ritual daily. Thank you, thank you for everything you offer this community." -Vickie Craig



"Kelly is a superb yoga teacher. I appreciate her ability to convey timeless wisdom, and help me deepen my own practice (on and off the mat)."  - Maureen Healy

"I wish that my life and schedule would allow me to attend more of Kelly's beautiful offerings. Each time that I am fortunate enough to be there is more of an experience than a class - a gathering of a devoted community, working with these potent teachings and a masterful guide to feed our bodies and souls. She is articulate and has a way of making these ancient teachings accessible to those truly wanting to receive them. She cares deeply for the practice and all those who choose to partake in it.” - Lynne Sutherland 


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